What Matters In Keyword Selection

What Matters In Keyword Selection

We all know that keywords are important in our SEO business.  If we pick the wrong keywords then we will not get the results that we were looking for.  The same goes when we pick the correct keywords.  If we pick the right keywords but don’t use them correctly, they are going to be as inefficient as picking the wrong keywords.  This is why what SEO phoenix az professionals do is important.


Is capitalization important in keyword choices?  The answer is no.  Companies such as Digital Current will tell you that the keyword itself is important and using a capital letter or lowercase will return the same result.  When using keywords on your sales pages and other content, capitalization may play a better result in getting someone to take a specific action on your site.  But as far as the search engines are concerned, it doesn’t matter.

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Keyword Placement

Is keyword placement important?  Yes.  When working with your keywords you will want to put the most powerful keywords or the keywords that you want to rank for first higher up in the chain.  When Google spiders your site they will see that you take higher priority over words that are higher in the list than you do words lower in the list.  Where this fits into where you rank for that keyword may not matter, however, playing with placements of these words can give you better results over time.

Keywords in titles

Is putting the keyword in the title of your website or page important?  Yes.  You want the keyword to be in the title, url and in the body copy of your content.  When creating a page on your website it is important that each page be dedicated to a specific keyword.  This keyword needs to be present at least five to ten times on your page to be registered by Google and ranked. 

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