Important Facts About Ticks: Up Your Knowledge Base

Important Facts About Ticks: Up Your Knowledge Base

Did you know that a tick is not an insect? It is shocking but true and one of several facts we’ll provide you to in this article.  You may not have realized that you actually wanted to know this information until now! If you’ve come searching for tick information, that’s exactly what you’re going to get here!

Ticks are Arachnids

If you’ve heard of the arachnid before, you may be surprised to learn that a tick is in this group. Yes, a tick is a relative of the spider and the scorpion. Take a close look at the tick and you’ll notice they resemble.

I Want to Suck Your Blood

Ticks cannot live without blood so it goes without saying they’re always on the lookout for a meal. Ticks prefer human or animal hosts, depending on the tick species.  Ticks use the process known as ‘questing’ to find their host.

Ticks Love Dogs

We all love our pets, especially our dogs. Ticks share this passion for dogs. In fact, the American dog tick and brown dog tick prefer to find a dog as a host rather than a human!

Ticks Stick Around -Literally

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Ticks prefer to feed for long period of time. When they find a host, they bury their teeth deep into the skin where they are secure for several days. Ticks require 24-48 hours of successful feeding before they can transmit a disease or infection, such as Lyme disease.

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